Sunday, October 21, 2007

Barbie goes to the beach.

Well, Barbie's recovered from her Canada vacation, and she's gotten used to her back-to-school schedule, so she decided it was time for another little vacation away. Barbie likes to go to interesting places!

This weekend Barbie decided to go to the beach. The town she was visiting was called Ocean Shores. It's on the Washington coast and can be very cold and wet and stormy during the winter.

Ocean Shores is a few hours away from where Barbie lives, so she stopped at an AM-PM Mini-Mart on the way, to get some healthy snacks like coffee and popcorn.

Well, she knew they weren't really all that healthy, but Ken wasn't there to see what she was buying and make comments about healthy snacks. (Like he should talk.)

Barbie was a little disappointed that there were only two bags of popcorn left, she wondered if they were stale... but she did like how warm the popcorn machine was inside.

While operating the complicated coffee-making equipment, Barbie almost fell into the coffee cup. This time Ken wasn't there to save her.

Ken is going to be on Dancing with the Stars, (well, he thinks he's going to be anyway) so he's practicing his stretching exercises and trying to loosen up a little.

Anyway, that's why he couldn't come to the beach with Barbie. And that's fine, Barbie wanted a relaxing weekend by herself.

When Barbie FINALLY got to Ocean Shores, it was a dark and stormy night.

She drove her jeep right out on the beach, and saw some crazy people jumping waves out in the dark and rain and wind. Who jumps waves at 10:00 at night? Barbie decided to wait until it was daylight to enjoy the beach.

Barbie had reserved a room at the Shilo Inn and headed there right after she'd seen the beach. When she got out of her jeep, she couldn't believe how windy it was! She ran into the hotel, she was afraid she would get blown away in the wind!
Since it was late, Barbie checked into her room and went right to bed.