Sunday, March 23, 2008

Barbie's Back! Just In Time For Easter.

Thanks for tuning in again. And being patient.

Barbie has been SO BUSY, but she's FINALLY had time to start blogging a little more.

So here's what Barbie did this weekend...

Since it's Easter on Sunday, Barbie decided to dye Easter Eggs.

Now, Barbie isn't a huge fan of eggs because she doesn't agree with the way chickens are often treated, however on some occassions she still uses them - you do the best you can, right?

Well, for Easter, Barbie's nieces and nephews were coming to HER house for dinner and games and stuff, and they SURE didn't need any more sugar, so she decided it would be fun to color a few eggs like she used to when she was a kid.

(She made sure to get humanely raised, free-range eggs to at least.)

Barbie put on her lab coat to keep herself somewhat clean, then she boiled all the eggs, (which stunk up the house something awful). Just one more reason not to cook eggs too often.

Then she mixed up the dye and put the eggs in. She had to be careful, they were awfully LARGE eggs and tended to splash...

She even had fun experimenting with the "magic crayon" from the egg-dye kit.

Unfortunately Ken wasn't there to appreciate her creativity, but Barbie knew he loved egg-salad sandwiches, so she decided to save a few of the eggs for him.

Well, the kids loved the eggs, the day was a success and everyone thought the colors were beautiful.

Hope you had a beautiful Easter too, (if you celebrate) or just a relaxing Spring weekend!

Stay tuned, Barbie has several other adventures coming up, I promise.