Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Barbie And Ken Go To California!!

For Spring Break this year Barbie thought that she and Ken would go on vacation to California.

Barbie and Ken were both extremely excited; Ken couldn't wait to see the size of the TV in their hotel room, (so he could play video games), but Barbie, on the other hand, was excited to go geocaching, and to Disneyland.

Ken didn't know what geocaching was, he hoped some real, green CASH$$ was involved though. Disneyland sounded fun though. Especially the Indiana Jones ride.

It took them a long time to get there because they drove the whole way. Ken complained that he was bored, so Barbie suggested they play the Alphabet Game, which Barbie won.
Barbie loved the beautiful California scenery, especially palm trees which are her favorite tree.

Ken didn't realize how tall palm trees actually were, and he thought they had coconuts on them and wanted to climb them. Barbie pointed out that not all palm trees had coconuts on them! Ken was disappointed. Barbie was a bit worried about California's smog but Ken said maybe it would blow away in a day or so...

Barbie and Ken finally arrived at their hotel where they got a lovely room with a view. They spent the afternoon walking around the grounds and enjoying the beautiful flowers and weather. So much sunnier than Washington, Barbie couldn't wait to work on her tan!!
Stay tuned for more California adventures!

Barbie in China, #3

OK, so the BIG DAY dawned sunny and beautiful. Barbie and Ken looked out the hotel window for a while and watched the city.

Barbie was so excited for her friends and the new baby girl they were going to adopt, ...well, she was so excited she could barely stand up! (Barbie has trouble standing up on her own anyway.)

So first, they consulted the map for a before setting out... Ken wasn't always good about asking directions and they certainly didn't want to get lost today!!
On their way out, in the lobby of the hotel, they saw a long red velvet couch. It was tradition for newly adopted babies to have their picture taken on this couch.
Ken wanted to try it out. He didn't think it was remarkably comfortable. Barbie reminded him it wasn't the sort of couch where you hang out and watch football... {sigh} Ken!!
Since the streets were busy, their friends let Ken and Barbie ride in the stroller. They even held a sippy cup for the baby. Ken mused to himself that the baby must be very large to have such a huge sippy cup.
Well, finally they reached their destination... and after paperwork and things Barbie didn't really understand, finally their friends had their darling little baby safe in their arms.
She was so cute!! Everyone was SO HAPPY! (and Barbie told Ken she wasn't nearly as giant as he had been thinking...)
On the way back to the hotel, Ken and Barbie graciously let Baby ride in the stroller. It was a good thing, because after all the excitement, she fell asleep! She was SOOO cute... did we say that?
When they got back to the hotel, the babies had to have their picture taken on the famous red couch.
Barbie thought all the babies looked MUCH better on the couch than she and Ken had. Ken said the babies didn't like the couch any more than he had, they were all crying!!
The next day they started home. What a great trip - one that Barbie and Ken (and of COURSE their friends) will never, ever, ever forget!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Barbie's STILL In China! (#2)

The next day, Ken and Barbie did some shopping and sightseeing.
So what's a genuine "Made-in-China" girl to do but visit Toy's-R-Us!

Yep, they have those in China too!
Barbie waved to all her Chinese cousins. They seemed pretty stuck-up however and just stood there without blinking or saying a word.
So they went in search of something that might interest Ken.
He really wanted to buy the Lego Mars Mission but Barbie reminded him that he could get the same thing back home and she wasn't going to pay those insane prices for some plastic blocks anyway...
They walked through The Friendship Garden but most of the statues were too tall for Barbie to see the top of.

They did find one statue that they both especially liked, celebrating children. Very cool.
They must be giant children however, they still towered far above Ken and Barbie.
Even so, they joined in the statue 'parade' for a few moments.

. After the Garden, they went to a little coffee shop for coffee (In the background of the picture ^^) and treats.

The archways had many Chinese characters on them.
Barbie always wondered what they said.
Ken thought it said "Keep off the wall" but Barbie wanted a photo there anyway.

They went to a small museum too.
Barbie loved the pagoda out front.

It looked way cooler than her Dream House back home.

Ken said it didn't have a parking place for Barbie's jeep so it really wouldn't be practical.

Ken, (of course) liked the scarey looking Chinese Lion (Ken thinks it's a Dragon but Barbie knows better) so they climbed up on it for a picture when no one was looking.

The painted screens were beautiful, but once again, too tall for Barbie to really see much of.

Ken and Barbie had a great day, but decided everyone in China must be GIANTS!
They can't wait for tomorrow when their friends get to finally meet their new little girl!
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Barbie Goes to China! #1

"Nǐ Hǎo" (That means "Hello, How are you?" in Chinese).

OK, so exciting news!!

Barbie's friends were going to China because they were going to adopt a baby.
Barbie thought that sounded like such an exciting adventure!

"Oh, I wish you could just take me along your suitcase!" Barbie said.

Barbie's friends said that could be arranged!
As it worked out, both Barbie AND Ken got invited to go along to China, and they didn't even have to ride in the suitcase!

The seatbelts on the airplane proved to be a bit bulky but overall, it was a nice (but long) flight.

First they stopped in Hong Kong, where of course, Barbie and Ken did some shopping.

Being animal lovers, they got a cute cat statue and a panda!

Ken complained that their souviners were so HUGE!

Ken also found a very fashionable hat in their friends' luggage. He was very proud of it.
Barbie didn't have the heart to tell him it was a BABY SOCK!

While looking for something to eat, Ken spotted a Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Barbie said cruelty to chickens was the same in any country (maybe worse here, who knew?) and he was NOT going to eat there!

Ken really didn't complain, and they found some delicious and vegetarian noodles just around the corner.

Next stop, Barbie and friends arrived in Nanching, where her friends would be adopting their baby.

The hotel in Nanching was very nice.

Ken relaxed and looked at the paper (he couldn't read it, it was in Chinese of course) while Barbie went down to the hotel gift shop.

Barbie returned with a fun hat, and best of all, OREO COOKIES! Score!!
And they had no dairy products in them, just like the ones back home.

Barbie was glad. Ken was just glad to eat something he recognised.
They were going sightseeing and to a park tomorrow, and the next day was Adoption Day.
So exciting!!
Stay Tuned.
~~Posted by Veggie Barbie Girl on TofuMom's computer.