Friday, May 16, 2008

Barbie's STILL In China! (#2)

The next day, Ken and Barbie did some shopping and sightseeing.
So what's a genuine "Made-in-China" girl to do but visit Toy's-R-Us!

Yep, they have those in China too!
Barbie waved to all her Chinese cousins. They seemed pretty stuck-up however and just stood there without blinking or saying a word.
So they went in search of something that might interest Ken.
He really wanted to buy the Lego Mars Mission but Barbie reminded him that he could get the same thing back home and she wasn't going to pay those insane prices for some plastic blocks anyway...
They walked through The Friendship Garden but most of the statues were too tall for Barbie to see the top of.

They did find one statue that they both especially liked, celebrating children. Very cool.
They must be giant children however, they still towered far above Ken and Barbie.
Even so, they joined in the statue 'parade' for a few moments.

. After the Garden, they went to a little coffee shop for coffee (In the background of the picture ^^) and treats.

The archways had many Chinese characters on them.
Barbie always wondered what they said.
Ken thought it said "Keep off the wall" but Barbie wanted a photo there anyway.

They went to a small museum too.
Barbie loved the pagoda out front.

It looked way cooler than her Dream House back home.

Ken said it didn't have a parking place for Barbie's jeep so it really wouldn't be practical.

Ken, (of course) liked the scarey looking Chinese Lion (Ken thinks it's a Dragon but Barbie knows better) so they climbed up on it for a picture when no one was looking.

The painted screens were beautiful, but once again, too tall for Barbie to really see much of.

Ken and Barbie had a great day, but decided everyone in China must be GIANTS!
They can't wait for tomorrow when their friends get to finally meet their new little girl!
Stay tuned!