Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Vacation, More Canada, More Ken and Barbie...

OK, to continue with Ken and Barbie's badly neglected vacation report, we find them stuck in bloggerland on day three of their Victoria, Canada trip.

Actually they aren't stuck at all. As you can see, Barbie had decided today was perfect for a little SHOPPING!
Their first (and most looked-forward-to) stop was the Converse Tennis Shoe store. Barbie and Ken were very excited, especially since Ken read in the guide book that it might have the largest selection of Converse in the WORLD. That's a LOT of shoes.
Barbie liked the fact that most Converse were leather free too, of course.
They spent most of the morning there, trying on lots of shoes; there were SO MANY to choose from!
The next shop was interesting, lots of native crafts and "Canada" souvenirs however Barbie found the animal furs - REAL fox and rabbit - and became very upset. They had to leave.
Ken distracted Barbie by showing her some beautiful fashions in an all-pink store. Barbie said they were perfect! Ken said they looked like they were made just for her!
As they walked back to their hotel, they passed The Royal London Wax Museum. Barbie asked Ken if he wanted to go in, it seemed to be a very popular attraction.
Hmmm... Ken thought about it and said No. He wasn't interested in seeing a lot of unnatural, stiff, plastic-looking people. Barbie had to agree with him.

Monday, September 10, 2007

More of Barbie and Ken's Excellent Vacation! Yay!

Another post about Ken and Barbie's vacation to Victoria, Canada.
While on vacation in Victoria, Ken and Barbie stayed at the Royal Scotsman Suites.

Barbie LOVED her room, although she discovered the robe they provided was just WAY too big. One size does NOT fit all!
The pillows were huge too, but they were very comfortable. Barbie decided they were just the right place for her to sleep.

Ken said his hotel room was the best room he'd ever stayed in, because it had a big-screen TV! Barbie said they weren't here to watch TV but Ken kept forgetting.

Barbie also liked the selection of shampoos and lotions in the bathroom. They were almost her size!

No more clunking her head on giant bottles in the shower!

OK, so today Ken and Barbie ate lunch at this really fun and funky vegan-friendly restaurant called "ReBar".
Barbie had curried rice that was really yummy. Then she tried one of Ken's giant sweet potato fries. Ken especially loved the giant vat of super-spicy chipotle dipping sauce that came with the fries. Barbie thought it was too hot.
A cute teenage girl at the next table tried some of the same chipotle dipping sauce, because her evil sister told her it was ketchup.
The poor girl had to drink three glasses of water and almost choked! Ken thought that was pretty funny but Barbie kicked him under the table and told him to quit snickering, it was rude. His plastic leg hurt after that, so he stopped. Ken forgets his manners sometimes. {Sigh!}

Later, Ken and Barbie walked along the waterfront admiring the flowers. Well, Barbie liked the flowers.

Ken kept looking for a good spot to fish! Barbie had to remind him you couldn't exactly FISH here. Plus fishing was cruel to the poor fishies of course!

That evening, Ken took Barbie for a horse-drawn carriage ride.
Barbie loves horses and she thought the ride and the sunset were so romantic. Ken said it was chilly and he was allergic to horses and his nose was itchy. So much for that!! Ken is such a whiner sometimes!

Barbie loved it, cause she got to feed the horse a treat after the ride. The horse's name was "Jack", just like Barbie's cat at home!
Ken said Be Careful! Horses were dangerous and could bite off her head! Barbie said not to fear, horses were vegetarian and vegetarians weren't all that dangerous.

Stay tuned. More stuff tomorrow maybe.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Barbie's Been on Vacation, Sorry!

Well, sorry about the long delay, but Barbie was on a little vacation, which we'll talk about in a minute.

AND then Barbie had computer problems, and then...well... Barbie has another surprise happening really soon but you have to wait for that!

First, let's talk about vacation.

OK, so a couple weeks ago, Barbie and Ken decided to go to Victoria BC, Canada for a week.

To do this, they had to take a Washington State Ferry boat ride through the San Juan Islands to the town of Sidney, on Vancouver Island in Canada. Then drive to Victoria from there.
Ken marked the ferry route in red so they wouldn't get lost. Barbie said Ferry-boats don't get lost. Ken wanted to be sure though.

Barbie and Ken got to the Ferry dock about an hour early. They didn't want to miss the boat.
They parked the Jeep in the line of cars. It was a car ferry where you drive on, but they had to wait a while for the ferry to get there.

Barbie had packed veggie sandwiches and potato salad in the cooler, and they ate on the dock while the waited for the ferry.
Ken said Barbie made the perfect size sandwich. Barbie knew better, Ken's eyes were always bigger than his stomach.
She wasn't surprised when there was leftovers.
While Ken was putting the leftovers away he accidently fell into the picnic cooler.
Quit goofing off Ken!
Barbie wasn't amused. And she didn't want him squashing the leftovers either!

Later on, Ken and Barbie boarded the ferry and spent the afternoon looking out the window and enjoying the view. It was beautiful weather!
It was almost sunset when they got to Canada so they just drove straight to their hotel and they were too tired to take any more pictures...
Stay tuned for more tomorrow!