Monday, September 10, 2007

More of Barbie and Ken's Excellent Vacation! Yay!

Another post about Ken and Barbie's vacation to Victoria, Canada.
While on vacation in Victoria, Ken and Barbie stayed at the Royal Scotsman Suites.

Barbie LOVED her room, although she discovered the robe they provided was just WAY too big. One size does NOT fit all!
The pillows were huge too, but they were very comfortable. Barbie decided they were just the right place for her to sleep.

Ken said his hotel room was the best room he'd ever stayed in, because it had a big-screen TV! Barbie said they weren't here to watch TV but Ken kept forgetting.

Barbie also liked the selection of shampoos and lotions in the bathroom. They were almost her size!

No more clunking her head on giant bottles in the shower!

OK, so today Ken and Barbie ate lunch at this really fun and funky vegan-friendly restaurant called "ReBar".
Barbie had curried rice that was really yummy. Then she tried one of Ken's giant sweet potato fries. Ken especially loved the giant vat of super-spicy chipotle dipping sauce that came with the fries. Barbie thought it was too hot.
A cute teenage girl at the next table tried some of the same chipotle dipping sauce, because her evil sister told her it was ketchup.
The poor girl had to drink three glasses of water and almost choked! Ken thought that was pretty funny but Barbie kicked him under the table and told him to quit snickering, it was rude. His plastic leg hurt after that, so he stopped. Ken forgets his manners sometimes. {Sigh!}

Later, Ken and Barbie walked along the waterfront admiring the flowers. Well, Barbie liked the flowers.

Ken kept looking for a good spot to fish! Barbie had to remind him you couldn't exactly FISH here. Plus fishing was cruel to the poor fishies of course!

That evening, Ken took Barbie for a horse-drawn carriage ride.
Barbie loves horses and she thought the ride and the sunset were so romantic. Ken said it was chilly and he was allergic to horses and his nose was itchy. So much for that!! Ken is such a whiner sometimes!

Barbie loved it, cause she got to feed the horse a treat after the ride. The horse's name was "Jack", just like Barbie's cat at home!
Ken said Be Careful! Horses were dangerous and could bite off her head! Barbie said not to fear, horses were vegetarian and vegetarians weren't all that dangerous.

Stay tuned. More stuff tomorrow maybe.


The Veggie Cookster said...

Thanks for sharing Barbie and Ken's vacation adventures! I love reading their stories! :) I'll be posting a few summaries of my vacation soon, too!

Julia said...

I think vegetarians who are tricked into eating hot stuff can be dangerous. Evil sister indeed! ;)

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Love the adventures!! We need to start a chant "More-More-More-More..."

vko said...

What a fun vacation! Barbie & Ken really live it up.

Hehehe- evil vegetarian sister...

Talena said...

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