Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Barbie and Ken go to Honduras!

First of all, sorry I'm so behind on these, I've just been so busy with work and school and such.
So during spring break, two of my best friends, Carly and Sarah, took Barbie and Ken with them on a mission trip to Honduras, where they were building a school.
Very early one morning Barbie and Ken went to the Sea-Tac airport. They were invited to go on a mission trip to Honduras to help build a school. Barbie tried to learn some Spanish words before hand, but the flash-cards were taller than she was! Their flight took off at about 5:00 am, and then they had a layover in Dallas, Texas. While in Texas, Ken wanted to get some steak, Barbie said that the airlines had perfectly good vegetarian meals.

When the plane landed in Honduras they boarded a bus right away and headed to the "hotel" that they would be staying in for the remainder of the trip. As soon as they got to the hotel, Barbie wanted to go swimming in the pool, so she changed into her bathing suit. When she walked out of the bathroom there was a giant cockroach in her way, it was at least as big her head! Ken tried to prove his manly-ness by killing it. He had to stomp on it several times.
The first day on the job site, Ken and Barbie tried to help with the building, but the cement blocks were just too heavy, even for Ken! So they helped refill water bottles, so that the big people wouldn't get dehydrated. The school was built within the two weeks of their stay, and it looked beautiful when it was finished, And now a whole lot of kids have a building where they can attend school.

Barbie and Ken had a whole lot of fun in Honduras and hope to go on another mission trip next year to either Fiji or Cambodia.

*The actual dolls pictured in this blog were given to a little girl that lives in Honduras and was attending the school that was built. Sarah and Carly told me that she was SO happy when she received them. There will be more blog posts to come, I'll just use different dolls.