Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ken and Barbie's Lakeside Vacation, Day 2

Day two of Ken and Barbie's vacation at the lake.

Yesterday's canoeing didn't go so well, and it rained all night, but fortunately for Ken and Barbie, their tent stayed dry and they had a nice campsite in the trees.
For breakfast, Barbie cooked vegetarian sausage over the campfire that Ken had built.
It was a nice fire and kept them warm, but they had to be careful not to get too close. They didn't want to melt.

As soon as breakfast was over, it started to rain again!
Despite the rain, Ken wanted to go wading in the lake to see if he could see any fish. (The fish Barbie wouldn't let him catch!).

Barbie thought it sounded like fun until they discovered the lake was deeper than they thought and they ended up wading almost up to their necks.
Fortunately the water wasn't really cold. And fortunately they float pretty well too.
Since he was already soaked, Ken went swimming. He didn't see any fish though.

Barbie didn't like the weeds around the lake. She said they were as tall as she was.

Finally they got tired of trying to vacation in the rain, and headed for home. Barbie told Ken he was driving too fast.

Ken said she was exaggerating.

Hopefully next time they come to SUNSET Lake they'll actually get to see the sun set!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ken and Barbie Go To The Lake

Even though it was raining, Ken and Barbie spent several days vacation at a nice little lake up in the mountains.

Ironically the lake was named "SUNSET" Lake.

They never saw the sun...

Rain doesn't bother them though, being that they're plastic and all...

Ken had heard the lake was perfect for fishing, but Barbie conveniently 'forgot' to pack his fishing gear.

So they decided to go canoeing instead.

However, they ran into a few problems when trying to find suitable canoeing gear to fit them.

Barbie thought the life jackets were just too big and bulky, and the color didn't match her outfit!
Ken said she couldn't canoe without one though.

Then they discovered they weren't strong enough to lift the canoes into the water anyway! Very frustrating. Where were the staff, and why weren't they helping?

Finally they just decided to sit by the lake, in the rain, and enjoy the scenery.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Barbie Picks Fresh Garden Veggies!

Well, Barbie finally has zucchini growing in her patio garden.

She was so excited!

Barbie picked a nice zucchini and a tomato, and then noticed her basil was almost as tall as she was, so she picked some of that too.

Then she cooked up her favorite veggies - some fresh garden zucchini sauteed with tomatoes, basil and garlic.
Barbie asked Ken if he wanted some, but he wasn't sure he would like zucchini.

Ken decided he'd cook his own supper.

Ken isn't very creative, so he had mac-n-cheese and canned peas. Bleh!
Ken said the only way he would eat zucchini was if he couldn't see it or actually taste it.

Barbie told him that was immature and un-adventurous, but she made zucchini bread with the rest of the zucchini.

When Ken tried it, he liked it.

Barbie told him there was zucchini in the bread.

Ken didn't believe her, but he did have another slice.

Barbie Gets the Latest Harry Potter Book.

Last night at about 11:30 P.M. Barbie went to her favorite little book store to wait for the midnight release of the 7th and final Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

Barbie is a huge Harry Potter fan. Ken thought it was a bunch of nonsense.

Barbie got there at about 11:45.

Wow! There were over a hundred people there and it was a very small place!

Barbie waited and talked to people and and entered several drawings and ate cupcakes and looked at all the weird costumes until 12:01, when they opened the box of books.

Barbie was very excited.

Barbie got the third book out of the box!

After she got her book she went back home to tell Ken.

Ken said he was sad that he missed out on the cupcakes.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ken Works on his Tan.

Today Barbie was sitting outside soaking up some vitamin D, when Ken came outside with his tanning lotion.
Barbie said that he only needed a few minutes in the sun every day to soak up some vitamin D, but he wanted to work on a DARK tan...

Barbie mentioned that if he was in the sun without sunblock too long he could get skin cancer.

Ken didn't like sunblock - and Ken didn't like the bugs and spiders outdoors.

And no matter how long he stayed in the sun, he never seemed to get any darker anyway, so he left Barbie enjoying the outdoors and he went to Dessert Sun Tanning Salon, to get a more artificial, yet faster tan.

Ken doesn't care if things are artificial. He IS plastic after all...

Barbie said he could still get skin cancer. Ken said she was exaggerating.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Barbie and Ken get Bubble Tea

After doing all the yard work in the hot sun and record-breaking heat, Barbie and Ken went to a near-by Vietnamese restaurant and got a mango Bubble (Boba) tea.

Barbie was glad they offered soy milk for the tea. She doesn't like the way farmers mistreat dairy cows, and so she is trying to stop drinking milk.
But sometimes she forgets what things have dairy products in them.
It was hard for Barbie to get her mouth around the big straw, and then she slurped up a tapioca 'bubble' (the dark things in the bottom of the glass are these big, firm, jelly-ish pieces of tapioca or 'boba' - Ken says they remind him of fish eyeballs).
Anyway, that surprised her and she started coughing and sputtering.

Ken thought she was choking so he tried to give her the Heimlich maneuver, but since his arms don't bend, he wasn't able to help much.

Not to fear, Barbie recovered from the choking incident without Ken's help, and since they were hungry, she ordered an order of Fresh Spring Rolls with tofu, to take home. Yum.

Barbie and Ken do Yard Work

Today Barbie noticed that the roof of her house had a lot of pine needles and branches on it from winter storms, so she asked Ken if he could get the broom and sweep it off. Barbie was going to water her flowers.

It took a lot of work to carry the ladder to the front of the house but Ken and his rubbery muscles finally managed to carry it a few feet. Once up on the roof, Ken had trouble managing the broom. It was so huge! And looking down at the ground far below made him dizzy.
Barbie said he was just whining.

But then Barbie had some trouble watering her flowers. She almost fell in the watering can, and Ken had to parachute off the roof and save her. It was very dramatic and Barbie told Ken she wouldn't call him a whiner any more (at least for a while).

Finally when all the flowers were watered and the roof had been swept, they were hot and tired, so they decided to cool off by getting some Bubble Tea. (Stay Tuned for details..)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ken and Barbie Go To The Drive-In Movies

Barbie and Ken go to the Drive-In Movie

Saturday night, Barbie and Ken decided they wanted to go see "Evan Almighty" at the drive-in.

Barbie wanted to see it because it had a lot of animals in it and it was a completely “green” film (they recycled material, tried not to harm the environment in anyway, rode bicycles on set in order to reduce the production's carbon footprint and lots of other good stuff).

Ken wanted to see it because it looked funny.

So to save a few bucks, they popped their own organic popcorn, grabbed some high fructose corn syrup-free soda out of the fridge, and set off to the Valley 6 Drive-In Theater.

This time they took Barbie's Jeep. Ken had spent a while fixing the Jeep yesterday, after they went to the Farmer's market.

When they got there, Barbie realized that she'd forgotten to bring cash to pay for the movie. The Valley 6 is a really cool old drive-in theater that's been around since the 1960's. Everything is still the original buildings and equipment. They don't even have credit card machines!! So Barbie and Ken had to drive back to town and find an ATM machine.

When they finally had cash, they went back to the drive-in and still had time before the movie began.

Fortunately they still found a good place to park. They sat and watched the sun set and munched popcorn until dusk when the movie started.

The movie got over at about 11:30 and Barbie was tired so they didn't even stay for the double-feature, but went straight back home.

Barbie and Ken both loved the movie, and plan on going back to the drive in again later on this summer.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Saturday Farmer's Market.

Today Barbie found another opportunity to go shopping. Barbie loves to shop.
Ken had called and said he was considering putting some steaks on the barbecue... but Barbie had other plans.

Instead of grilling dead animal, Barbie dragged him off to go vegetable shopping at the local Farmer's Market.

There were so many beautiful flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables at the market this week!

Barbie found some HUGE raspberries.

Then, she saw the apricots.

Ken was not helpful. He remarked that they looked rather like little orange butts... which totally ruined any interest Barbie might have had in apricots.

Then he started power lifting the cherries.

"Oh grow UP, would you Ken?"

Barbie chose the yellow and red Rainiers, a Washington variety.

Barbie liked the Rainiers because they have shades of magenta in them, and magenta is her favorite color... but also because she always tries to buy local whenever possible.

Ken pointed out that the cherries were as big as Barbie's head.

Barbie told Ken he was exaggerating.

They also found some nice, new potatoes.
Being a meat and potatoes kinda guy, Ken was very excited about the potatoes and bought two!

Fortunately Barbie is pretty intelligent about what she eats, and thinks freaking out about carbs is a ridicules notion; she can think of all sorts of ways to use the potatoes and hopefully distract Ken from his silly BBQ thoughts!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Barbie and Ken Plant Their Plants.

When Barbie and Ken got home from the Plant nursery they got right to work planting.

First, Barbie had Ken dig holes for the flowers and plants. Barbie supervised. She was impressed that Ken could work so hard in the hot sun and never break a sweat.

Then she remembered...... he was PLASTIC! Poor guy.

After Ken had planted most of the plants, Barbie watered them.

But unfortunately, the hose was so big that she didn't have very good aim with the water, so, in the picture you can see that Barbie is watering the tall grass weeds.

When Barbie was finished watering she mentioned that Ken might want to mow the lawn since it was taller than he was.

Ken told Barbie she was exaggerating.

Ken and Barbie Shop for Plants.

Yesterday Barbie had a brilliant idea! She wanted to grow a garden.

So she dragged Ken away from his video games to visit the plant nursery with her. Ken pouted tho whole way there. Barbie reminded him that he actually LIKED garden veggies (with his steak - bleh).

When they got there, they looked at some very tall tomato plants, and then they checked out some flowers which were equally over-sized.

When Barbie had chosen all the plants she wanted, they looked at pots to plant them in.
But even though the pots were beautiful, they were all way to big.
Barbie kept falling in. And Ken got tired of rescuing her.

Soon they were all done shopping, and they went home to fill the back patio with plants.

...... To be continued............

Barbie and Ken go to a Thai Restaurant

Today Barbie and Ken decided to go eat lunch at the new Thai restaurant in town. But the brakes in Barbie's jeep weren't working so well, (Thanks to Ken's reckless driving!).

So Barbie and Ken had to take Barbie's limo instead. The limo may look suspiciously like a Ford Windstar Van, but it's really a limo. Barbie wouldn't ride in a van.

Well, when they finally got there, they took a look at the menu. It was a rather large menu with many choices.

Ken complained that the lights were too dim to read the menu but Barbie said to get over it, low lights added to the cozy atmosphere.

They decided to start with vegetarian spring rolls as an appetizer.

When Barbie saw the size of the spring rolls she decided that there would be no need to order an entree, and Ken agreed. Probably a good thing, since the chopsticks looked entirely too awkward to try eating a meal with!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Barbie and Ken go to the Movies.

Tonight Ken and Barbie went to the movies.

They saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3. (Barbie is an Orlando Bloom fan) .

Ken wanted to to order a hot dog at concession stand , but Barbie started loudly explaining the horrors of factory farming, so they just got popcorn, and a large soda.

Barbie had a little bit too much soda. And using the toilet was a little difficult.

Otherwise the evening was wonderful.

Meet Barbie and Ken

This is Veggie Barbie, She is 25 years old and her favorite color is Magenta. Barbie is 10 inches tall. She is a vegetarian and loves to cook vegetarian food for herself and Ken. Her other hobbies include : Animal rights activism, Rescuing animals from the animal shelter, Gardening, Watching movies, Camping, Hiking, Swimming, Playing with her dog (who she rescued from the animal shelter), Driving her Jeep, And shopping, lots and lots of shopping.

This is Carnivore Ken, Hes is also 25, and his favorite color is blue. Ken is 11.5 inches tall. He loves meat in any shape or form and is very skeptical of Barbie's vegetarian cooking. His hobbies include: Driving really fast in Barbie's Jeep, Barbecuing his meat, Hunting, Fishing, Flexing his rather pathetic muscles, Swimming, Hiking, And playing with Barbie and Ken's dog Wilson.

Together Veggie Barbie and Carnivore Ken are the perfect pair. This summer they will have many adventures together.