Friday, July 6, 2007

Barbie and Ken Plant Their Plants.

When Barbie and Ken got home from the Plant nursery they got right to work planting.

First, Barbie had Ken dig holes for the flowers and plants. Barbie supervised. She was impressed that Ken could work so hard in the hot sun and never break a sweat.

Then she remembered...... he was PLASTIC! Poor guy.

After Ken had planted most of the plants, Barbie watered them.

But unfortunately, the hose was so big that she didn't have very good aim with the water, so, in the picture you can see that Barbie is watering the tall grass weeds.

When Barbie was finished watering she mentioned that Ken might want to mow the lawn since it was taller than he was.

Ken told Barbie she was exaggerating.


The Veggie Cookster said...

"...she mentioned that Ken might want to mow the lawn since it was taller than he was."

Love your sense of humor! :)

urban vegan said...

Just discovered your very creative blog. I'm glad Barnie is veg, like me. My husband is an omnivore, like Ken. But happily, his smile is not as plasticine.

Freedom said...

I just found this through your Mum's blog and it is HILARIOUS!!! She said it would appeal to 13 year olds but I'm 18 and laughing out loud. Can't wait to see what Barbie and Ken get up to next (if I had known what a blog was at 13, I would so have done this!!)

veggie barbie girl said...

Thanks every one. I appreciate your nice comments!

LisaJean119 said...

P.S. you might want to give some fashion tips to Barbie..she seems to wear the same thing every post! lol..