Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ken and Barbie Go To The Drive-In Movies

Barbie and Ken go to the Drive-In Movie

Saturday night, Barbie and Ken decided they wanted to go see "Evan Almighty" at the drive-in.

Barbie wanted to see it because it had a lot of animals in it and it was a completely “green” film (they recycled material, tried not to harm the environment in anyway, rode bicycles on set in order to reduce the production's carbon footprint and lots of other good stuff).

Ken wanted to see it because it looked funny.

So to save a few bucks, they popped their own organic popcorn, grabbed some high fructose corn syrup-free soda out of the fridge, and set off to the Valley 6 Drive-In Theater.

This time they took Barbie's Jeep. Ken had spent a while fixing the Jeep yesterday, after they went to the Farmer's market.

When they got there, Barbie realized that she'd forgotten to bring cash to pay for the movie. The Valley 6 is a really cool old drive-in theater that's been around since the 1960's. Everything is still the original buildings and equipment. They don't even have credit card machines!! So Barbie and Ken had to drive back to town and find an ATM machine.

When they finally had cash, they went back to the drive-in and still had time before the movie began.

Fortunately they still found a good place to park. They sat and watched the sun set and munched popcorn until dusk when the movie started.

The movie got over at about 11:30 and Barbie was tired so they didn't even stay for the double-feature, but went straight back home.

Barbie and Ken both loved the movie, and plan on going back to the drive in again later on this summer.


Desu said...

I love how Barbie has all these good, supportive reasons for watching and Ken wants to see it "cause it's funny".

Your hilarious! Keep it up. I love reading it!

The Veggie Cookster said...

Love the pic of Barbie and Ken at the Drive-In!!! :-D

Kathleen said...

What a fun summer project! Looking forward to what Barbie does next!

Verdant said...

This is such a cute blog!

frogonabike said...

So what was Barbie's opinion of the movie after seeing it? I so want to see this movie too!

vko said...

This is my new favorite blog!
Go Veggie Barbie. She needs a PETA t-shirt- maybe Tofu Mom can sew her one?