Friday, July 6, 2007

Barbie and Ken go to a Thai Restaurant

Today Barbie and Ken decided to go eat lunch at the new Thai restaurant in town. But the brakes in Barbie's jeep weren't working so well, (Thanks to Ken's reckless driving!).

So Barbie and Ken had to take Barbie's limo instead. The limo may look suspiciously like a Ford Windstar Van, but it's really a limo. Barbie wouldn't ride in a van.

Well, when they finally got there, they took a look at the menu. It was a rather large menu with many choices.

Ken complained that the lights were too dim to read the menu but Barbie said to get over it, low lights added to the cozy atmosphere.

They decided to start with vegetarian spring rolls as an appetizer.

When Barbie saw the size of the spring rolls she decided that there would be no need to order an entree, and Ken agreed. Probably a good thing, since the chopsticks looked entirely too awkward to try eating a meal with!!


Desu said...


You are so funny. This is the best one yet!

madeinalaska said...

what a cute blog you got here.. could be the next big thing! bravo and keep up the good work.. your a hoot!

Cherry said...

Wow, what a cute and funny blog!

The Veggie Cookster said...

LOVE the blog! Keep up the GREAT work! :D