Thursday, July 9, 2009

Barbie's "Twilight" trip to Forks, Washington.

So, one day this summer Barbie got a little bit bored, and she decided she wanted to go on a mini-vacation.

See, Barbie recently read all the books in the "Twilight" Series by Stephanie Meyer.

As you may remember, she even went to the midnight book release party for Breaking Dawn last summer.
So naturally, because Barbie is such a huge Twilight fan, Ken suggested that she might enjoy a trip to the town of Forks, where the Twilight books are supposed to take place.

Forks is quite a drive from where Barbie and Ken reside in Washington. So they made a road trip out of it.

First, Barbie and Ken drove about thirty minutes to Seattle where they boarded a ferry to Bremerton.

They got off the ferry in Bremerton and kept driving, by this time they were both very hungry.
Barbie didn't want to eat at a yucky fast-food restaurant. There were no places in Bremerton that Barbie found acceptable to eat at, not that she's picky, they kept driving. Pretty soon they were driving in the dark in what seemed like the middle of no where. Barbie and Ken's little plastic stomachs were so empty, at this point they didn't really care where they ate.

Pretty soon they found a cute little diner to eat at, called the Highway 101 Diner. Inside the diner everything was decorated just as a retro 1950's diner would be.

There was even a jukebox that looked like the back of a Cadillac.

And much to Barbie's excitement, a veggie-burger on the menu! Ken ordered a regular hamburger of course. When they were through eating they kept driving until they got to the small town of Port Angeles where they found a motel to stay at for the night.

Ken and Barbie woke up bright and early the next morning and continued on to Forks.

When they arrived in Forks they went to the Chamber of Commerce first to get the official "Twilight Tour Map." Ken grumbled that he didn't need a map, but Barbie knew better, smart girl that she is.

Barbie got pictues by most of the Twilight landmarks:

Bella's Truck,

The Hospital where Carlise works, (Barbie lost one of her shoes there)

Edward Cullen's house,

Bella Swan's house, and the Forks Police station.

They had a lovely lunch at a little Cafe. Barbie liked all the "Twilight" names for the food... A Bella Burger, Twilight Punch, Jacob Black-Berry Cobbler and more. Ken wasn't nearly as amused, but he was a good sport. Even when Barbie ordered him a veggie sandwich.

Barbie also visited Forks High School, but Ken was distracted watching the football team practice and forgot to take her picture, so here's a picture of me by Forks High School instead.

After their busy day, Barbie and Ken stayed a night in Forks, then headed back home.

Their "Twilight" trip to Forks has been a highlight in Barbie's summer. Ken wasn't totally enthralled, because he never read the books, he just watched the movie. Lame!!