Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bamboo Gardens

Barbie and Ken go to Bamboo Gardens.

Barbie and Ken went for a drive in Barbie's new car today! They drove to Seattle to get some lunch. Barbie and Ken went to Bamboo Gardens, an all vegetarian restaurant. Barbie forgot to mention to Ken that the restaurant was vegetarian. Ken thought that every time the menu said "chicken", "eel", "pork", or anything of the sort that it was real meat. Barbie ordered the Sweet and Sour "Chicken". Ken got some other dishes with different forms of fake meat. Barbie and Ken ate and Ken was completely convinced that he was eating real meat! Barbie just laughed to herself. The whole experience was a tasty one for both Barbie and Ken, except for when Barbie accidentally tried some of the red chili sauce. The sauce was so hot that Barbie's plastic mouth almost melted right off her face! Barbie was okay though, and she still hasn't told Ken that all the meat was imitation.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


So today Barbie went to Veg-Fest in Seattle. Ken went fishing with his twin brother, Ben. She arrived at the Seattle Convention Center, where Veg-Fest was being held, at around 11:30 am. Barbie began trying food right away! She tried several different types of cereal, some almond milk, lots of different juices and teas, some vegan caviar that she didn't really care for, and lots of other interesting vegetarian and vegan foods. Barbie really loved the fermented tea, her friends said it tasted like wine, but Barbie just liked the pretty shade of pink and the bubbles.

Barbie also met lots (like four) of her fans! One of her biggest fans was Dave, from "Dave's Killer Bread". Dave was very happy to meet Barbie, he even gave her a kiss! Barbie met other fans of hers too. She didn't sign any autographs though, mainly because her plastic hand is incapable of grasping a pen.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don't worry, Barbie & Ken will return.

Not to fear, Barbie and Ken will be back soon. They plan on going to Veg-Fest this Sunday in Seattle, and then they're off on a two week mission trip to Honduras.

So I will leave you with this fabulous picture of my best friend Sarah and I. Sarah is the friend that is taking Barbra and Kenneth to Honduras. ♥