Monday, December 24, 2007

Barbie Makes a Gingerbread House

Wow! It's been a while, but Barbie's been busy with school and now the Holidays!!

So we'll catch up a little here - for Christmas Eve, Barbie decided to make a Gingerbread house. What a lot of work fitting all those parts together with frosting! And the pieces were almost as tall as Barbie. Fortunately they were pretty easy to work with.

Ken was supposed to help, since Barbie thought he might be good with construction and all, but he was too busy admiring his favorite ornaments on the tree, some spiffy airplane models.
So Barbie made the houses herself, TWO of them in fact - loaded with candy and goodies and sweets -- and she thought they turned out pretty good. Ken wanted to eat them, but of course Barbie told him Gingerbread Houses were NOT to eat. (Sigh!) Poor Ken doesn't always get it.
Anyway, Barbie's off to wrap presents - Merry Christmas to all. Watch for more Barbie blogs to return soon!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ken Brings Home Dinner

Tonight was a beautiful fall evening.
Nothing like the stormy weather they had been having.

Ken called Barbie, saying that he was bringing over some take-out, so they could have dinner on the patio.

When Ken got to her house, he proudly showed Barbie the chicken and Jo-Jo potato wedges, looking as pleased as if he'd spent an hour making them himself.

Ken said that he had heard some people say that vegetarians ate chicken, but Barbie informed him that chickens were not vegetables, and the people who ate chicken (or sealife) anyway weren't really vegetarians and they messed it up for everyone who really WAS.

Ken said, yeah, he sorta figured they weren't really a vegetarian food, but it was just SO HARD to remember what was and what wasn't and how could she ever find enough to eat?

Barbie told Ken to relax, it was really easy to be vegetarian, and she did give him credit for thinking about her, and getting dinner anyway.

It was a nice thought, he just needed a little more information about what was vegetarian and what wasn't. Barbie told him they'd go shopping for take-out together next time if he wanted...

So they enjoyed the cool fall sunshine and sat on the back porch and Ken ate his chicken and Barbie ate the potato wedges which were actually pretty good.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ocean Shores, Day 3

Today Barbie went out to the beach and drove along the sand.

It was still very windy and cold, which it usually is on Washington's beaches during the winter months. The winds were about 35 miles an hour, which made it hard to drive.

Barbie drove for a long time, she even drove past a dead seal, which was rather upsetting. But she enjoyed the rest of the drive. She drove way down the beach watching the seagulls and pelicans fly in the surf. Then she got out of her jeep and walked on the sand.

She was going to go in the water but it was awfully cold and wet and windy. The waves were pretty high and she didn't want to get washed away.

Besides, the wind was messing up her hair.

Barbie was very cold so she went back to the hotel to warm up by the fireplace. But it was so warm she almost melted, so she found other ways to entertain herself around the hotel.

The Shilo Inn was very nicely decorated. It had beautiful sculptures and lots of things to do.
First Barbie pretended she was riding on a whale, then played with dolphins, and last, went swimming with mermaids.
Finally it was time to go home. Barbie left the hotel and the beach feeling well-rested, relaxed and ready for her next adventure!!

Ocean Shores Day 2

On Barbie's second day at the beach, it was still VERY cold and stormy, so she decided to check out The Sailing Ships Museum.

Barbie took a tour of the museum and read about the history of the various boats.

There were alot of replicas of boats and ships there, and when no one was looking, Barbie sat in some of them. It was pretty exciting!

She saw a friendly looking fisherman sort of guy, but he just smiled when she said "HI".

Barbie liked the museum because the ships were just her size!

Barbie goes to the beach.

Well, Barbie's recovered from her Canada vacation, and she's gotten used to her back-to-school schedule, so she decided it was time for another little vacation away. Barbie likes to go to interesting places!

This weekend Barbie decided to go to the beach. The town she was visiting was called Ocean Shores. It's on the Washington coast and can be very cold and wet and stormy during the winter.

Ocean Shores is a few hours away from where Barbie lives, so she stopped at an AM-PM Mini-Mart on the way, to get some healthy snacks like coffee and popcorn.

Well, she knew they weren't really all that healthy, but Ken wasn't there to see what she was buying and make comments about healthy snacks. (Like he should talk.)

Barbie was a little disappointed that there were only two bags of popcorn left, she wondered if they were stale... but she did like how warm the popcorn machine was inside.

While operating the complicated coffee-making equipment, Barbie almost fell into the coffee cup. This time Ken wasn't there to save her.

Ken is going to be on Dancing with the Stars, (well, he thinks he's going to be anyway) so he's practicing his stretching exercises and trying to loosen up a little.

Anyway, that's why he couldn't come to the beach with Barbie. And that's fine, Barbie wanted a relaxing weekend by herself.

When Barbie FINALLY got to Ocean Shores, it was a dark and stormy night.

She drove her jeep right out on the beach, and saw some crazy people jumping waves out in the dark and rain and wind. Who jumps waves at 10:00 at night? Barbie decided to wait until it was daylight to enjoy the beach.

Barbie had reserved a room at the Shilo Inn and headed there right after she'd seen the beach. When she got out of her jeep, she couldn't believe how windy it was! She ran into the hotel, she was afraid she would get blown away in the wind!
Since it was late, Barbie checked into her room and went right to bed.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Day Four. Barbie and Ken's Last Day Of Vacation.

It was finally the last day of Ken and Barbie's Canadian adventure.

They took a walk through Beacon Hill park and found a really tall totem pole. The sign read "Tallest Totem Pole in North America".

They could barely see the top of it. Ken wanted to climb it. Barbie said no.

Ken wanted to stop and watch the men playing sports for a while.

Barbie said she thought they were playing cricket but Ken said he didn't see any insects and besides, he'd never heard of cricket so it must not be a sport. He thought it was golf. Barbie just sighed... What WAS she going to do with Ken? Sometimes she wondered if there was ANYTHING in that plastic head of his.

They did a little more last-day shopping and wandered through some shops in Chinatown. Ken took a picture of Barbie in front of the famous "Dragon Gate" but his picture-taking skills aren't that great, you can't really see the dragon. Ken said just use your imagination.

Later they dropped by one last gift shop so Barbie could get her favorite treat, REAL Scottish shortbread. Ken said the cookies were as big as her head.

Right before starting home, they stopped in front of their hotel to take a picture with the hotel mascot, which was a giant bear wearing a kilt.

Ken wanted to climb to the top, and again, Barbie had to tell him no.

Ken, maybe there will be rocks to climb on our next vacation.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Vacation, More Canada, More Ken and Barbie...

OK, to continue with Ken and Barbie's badly neglected vacation report, we find them stuck in bloggerland on day three of their Victoria, Canada trip.

Actually they aren't stuck at all. As you can see, Barbie had decided today was perfect for a little SHOPPING!
Their first (and most looked-forward-to) stop was the Converse Tennis Shoe store. Barbie and Ken were very excited, especially since Ken read in the guide book that it might have the largest selection of Converse in the WORLD. That's a LOT of shoes.
Barbie liked the fact that most Converse were leather free too, of course.
They spent most of the morning there, trying on lots of shoes; there were SO MANY to choose from!
The next shop was interesting, lots of native crafts and "Canada" souvenirs however Barbie found the animal furs - REAL fox and rabbit - and became very upset. They had to leave.
Ken distracted Barbie by showing her some beautiful fashions in an all-pink store. Barbie said they were perfect! Ken said they looked like they were made just for her!
As they walked back to their hotel, they passed The Royal London Wax Museum. Barbie asked Ken if he wanted to go in, it seemed to be a very popular attraction.
Hmmm... Ken thought about it and said No. He wasn't interested in seeing a lot of unnatural, stiff, plastic-looking people. Barbie had to agree with him.

Monday, September 10, 2007

More of Barbie and Ken's Excellent Vacation! Yay!

Another post about Ken and Barbie's vacation to Victoria, Canada.
While on vacation in Victoria, Ken and Barbie stayed at the Royal Scotsman Suites.

Barbie LOVED her room, although she discovered the robe they provided was just WAY too big. One size does NOT fit all!
The pillows were huge too, but they were very comfortable. Barbie decided they were just the right place for her to sleep.

Ken said his hotel room was the best room he'd ever stayed in, because it had a big-screen TV! Barbie said they weren't here to watch TV but Ken kept forgetting.

Barbie also liked the selection of shampoos and lotions in the bathroom. They were almost her size!

No more clunking her head on giant bottles in the shower!

OK, so today Ken and Barbie ate lunch at this really fun and funky vegan-friendly restaurant called "ReBar".
Barbie had curried rice that was really yummy. Then she tried one of Ken's giant sweet potato fries. Ken especially loved the giant vat of super-spicy chipotle dipping sauce that came with the fries. Barbie thought it was too hot.
A cute teenage girl at the next table tried some of the same chipotle dipping sauce, because her evil sister told her it was ketchup.
The poor girl had to drink three glasses of water and almost choked! Ken thought that was pretty funny but Barbie kicked him under the table and told him to quit snickering, it was rude. His plastic leg hurt after that, so he stopped. Ken forgets his manners sometimes. {Sigh!}

Later, Ken and Barbie walked along the waterfront admiring the flowers. Well, Barbie liked the flowers.

Ken kept looking for a good spot to fish! Barbie had to remind him you couldn't exactly FISH here. Plus fishing was cruel to the poor fishies of course!

That evening, Ken took Barbie for a horse-drawn carriage ride.
Barbie loves horses and she thought the ride and the sunset were so romantic. Ken said it was chilly and he was allergic to horses and his nose was itchy. So much for that!! Ken is such a whiner sometimes!

Barbie loved it, cause she got to feed the horse a treat after the ride. The horse's name was "Jack", just like Barbie's cat at home!
Ken said Be Careful! Horses were dangerous and could bite off her head! Barbie said not to fear, horses were vegetarian and vegetarians weren't all that dangerous.

Stay tuned. More stuff tomorrow maybe.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Barbie's Been on Vacation, Sorry!

Well, sorry about the long delay, but Barbie was on a little vacation, which we'll talk about in a minute.

AND then Barbie had computer problems, and then...well... Barbie has another surprise happening really soon but you have to wait for that!

First, let's talk about vacation.

OK, so a couple weeks ago, Barbie and Ken decided to go to Victoria BC, Canada for a week.

To do this, they had to take a Washington State Ferry boat ride through the San Juan Islands to the town of Sidney, on Vancouver Island in Canada. Then drive to Victoria from there.
Ken marked the ferry route in red so they wouldn't get lost. Barbie said Ferry-boats don't get lost. Ken wanted to be sure though.

Barbie and Ken got to the Ferry dock about an hour early. They didn't want to miss the boat.
They parked the Jeep in the line of cars. It was a car ferry where you drive on, but they had to wait a while for the ferry to get there.

Barbie had packed veggie sandwiches and potato salad in the cooler, and they ate on the dock while the waited for the ferry.
Ken said Barbie made the perfect size sandwich. Barbie knew better, Ken's eyes were always bigger than his stomach.
She wasn't surprised when there was leftovers.
While Ken was putting the leftovers away he accidently fell into the picnic cooler.
Quit goofing off Ken!
Barbie wasn't amused. And she didn't want him squashing the leftovers either!

Later on, Ken and Barbie boarded the ferry and spent the afternoon looking out the window and enjoying the view. It was beautiful weather!
It was almost sunset when they got to Canada so they just drove straight to their hotel and they were too tired to take any more pictures...
Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Barbie and Ken go to the Dog Park

Today Barbie and Ken went to the Dog Park with their dog Wilson.

They read the rules carefully to Wilson.

Barbie was a little worried about how BIG some of the dogs were.

It was a nice park with shady trees, grass and dirt and bark-chips and even a "fire-hydrant" water fountain for the dogs...
Since the park was an "off-leash" park, Barbie and Ken sat on a bench in the shade and watched the dogs run and play.
A nice old dog named Abby came and sat beside them.

Wilson was faster than all the other big dogs! It was fun to see him run so fast.

But then Wilson did his doggy "business" and Ken gallantly offered to clean it up.

He had a little difficulty getting the clean-up bags out of the dispenser however, and almost hung himself! Typical guy, he neglected to read the directions.

When Ken was done cleaning up the poo, he threw a giant foam ball for the dogs. It was difficult for him to throw it very far, since it was such a huge ball, but the dogs didn't seem to mind.
Unfortunately, one dog thought that Ken was just another plastic chew toy and chewed on Ken's head instead!!
Poor Ken. Barbie reminded Ken that rule #8 said "Use the park at your own risk." Be careful Ken.

Fortunately, Ken doesn't have much inside his head, it bounced back into shape just fine.
His hairstyle was a little smushed though. He said it didn't even hurt! Barbie thought he was just acting tough...

When it was time to leave they got Wilson some more water; Barbie told Ken he really should wash the dog slobber out of his hair because it was making his hair stick up.
Ken told Barbie his hair looked like that regardless of what he did. Barbie gave up trying to give Ken hairstyle advice.