Monday, December 24, 2007

Barbie Makes a Gingerbread House

Wow! It's been a while, but Barbie's been busy with school and now the Holidays!!

So we'll catch up a little here - for Christmas Eve, Barbie decided to make a Gingerbread house. What a lot of work fitting all those parts together with frosting! And the pieces were almost as tall as Barbie. Fortunately they were pretty easy to work with.

Ken was supposed to help, since Barbie thought he might be good with construction and all, but he was too busy admiring his favorite ornaments on the tree, some spiffy airplane models.
So Barbie made the houses herself, TWO of them in fact - loaded with candy and goodies and sweets -- and she thought they turned out pretty good. Ken wanted to eat them, but of course Barbie told him Gingerbread Houses were NOT to eat. (Sigh!) Poor Ken doesn't always get it.
Anyway, Barbie's off to wrap presents - Merry Christmas to all. Watch for more Barbie blogs to return soon!


vko said...

Happy New Year barbie & ken! Looking forward to more adventures and perhaps ken making a resolution to go vegan someday? ah but then we would not be able to laugh at his meat-head antics...

Julia said...

Happy New Year, Barbie!