Thursday, July 9, 2009

Barbie's "Twilight" trip to Forks, Washington.

So, one day this summer Barbie got a little bit bored, and she decided she wanted to go on a mini-vacation.

See, Barbie recently read all the books in the "Twilight" Series by Stephanie Meyer.

As you may remember, she even went to the midnight book release party for Breaking Dawn last summer.
So naturally, because Barbie is such a huge Twilight fan, Ken suggested that she might enjoy a trip to the town of Forks, where the Twilight books are supposed to take place.

Forks is quite a drive from where Barbie and Ken reside in Washington. So they made a road trip out of it.

First, Barbie and Ken drove about thirty minutes to Seattle where they boarded a ferry to Bremerton.

They got off the ferry in Bremerton and kept driving, by this time they were both very hungry.
Barbie didn't want to eat at a yucky fast-food restaurant. There were no places in Bremerton that Barbie found acceptable to eat at, not that she's picky, they kept driving. Pretty soon they were driving in the dark in what seemed like the middle of no where. Barbie and Ken's little plastic stomachs were so empty, at this point they didn't really care where they ate.

Pretty soon they found a cute little diner to eat at, called the Highway 101 Diner. Inside the diner everything was decorated just as a retro 1950's diner would be.

There was even a jukebox that looked like the back of a Cadillac.

And much to Barbie's excitement, a veggie-burger on the menu! Ken ordered a regular hamburger of course. When they were through eating they kept driving until they got to the small town of Port Angeles where they found a motel to stay at for the night.

Ken and Barbie woke up bright and early the next morning and continued on to Forks.

When they arrived in Forks they went to the Chamber of Commerce first to get the official "Twilight Tour Map." Ken grumbled that he didn't need a map, but Barbie knew better, smart girl that she is.

Barbie got pictues by most of the Twilight landmarks:

Bella's Truck,

The Hospital where Carlise works, (Barbie lost one of her shoes there)

Edward Cullen's house,

Bella Swan's house, and the Forks Police station.

They had a lovely lunch at a little Cafe. Barbie liked all the "Twilight" names for the food... A Bella Burger, Twilight Punch, Jacob Black-Berry Cobbler and more. Ken wasn't nearly as amused, but he was a good sport. Even when Barbie ordered him a veggie sandwich.

Barbie also visited Forks High School, but Ken was distracted watching the football team practice and forgot to take her picture, so here's a picture of me by Forks High School instead.

After their busy day, Barbie and Ken stayed a night in Forks, then headed back home.

Their "Twilight" trip to Forks has been a highlight in Barbie's summer. Ken wasn't totally enthralled, because he never read the books, he just watched the movie. Lame!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Barbie and Ken go to Honduras!

First of all, sorry I'm so behind on these, I've just been so busy with work and school and such.
So during spring break, two of my best friends, Carly and Sarah, took Barbie and Ken with them on a mission trip to Honduras, where they were building a school.
Very early one morning Barbie and Ken went to the Sea-Tac airport. They were invited to go on a mission trip to Honduras to help build a school. Barbie tried to learn some Spanish words before hand, but the flash-cards were taller than she was! Their flight took off at about 5:00 am, and then they had a layover in Dallas, Texas. While in Texas, Ken wanted to get some steak, Barbie said that the airlines had perfectly good vegetarian meals.

When the plane landed in Honduras they boarded a bus right away and headed to the "hotel" that they would be staying in for the remainder of the trip. As soon as they got to the hotel, Barbie wanted to go swimming in the pool, so she changed into her bathing suit. When she walked out of the bathroom there was a giant cockroach in her way, it was at least as big her head! Ken tried to prove his manly-ness by killing it. He had to stomp on it several times.
The first day on the job site, Ken and Barbie tried to help with the building, but the cement blocks were just too heavy, even for Ken! So they helped refill water bottles, so that the big people wouldn't get dehydrated. The school was built within the two weeks of their stay, and it looked beautiful when it was finished, And now a whole lot of kids have a building where they can attend school.

Barbie and Ken had a whole lot of fun in Honduras and hope to go on another mission trip next year to either Fiji or Cambodia.

*The actual dolls pictured in this blog were given to a little girl that lives in Honduras and was attending the school that was built. Sarah and Carly told me that she was SO happy when she received them. There will be more blog posts to come, I'll just use different dolls.

Friday, April 24, 2009

No worries....

More of Barbie and Ken's adventures will be up soon. Over spring break Barbie and Ken went on a mission trip to La Ceiba, Honduras, and then just last week Barbie and Ken went on a road trip to Forks, Washington. So stay tuned.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bamboo Gardens

Barbie and Ken go to Bamboo Gardens.

Barbie and Ken went for a drive in Barbie's new car today! They drove to Seattle to get some lunch. Barbie and Ken went to Bamboo Gardens, an all vegetarian restaurant. Barbie forgot to mention to Ken that the restaurant was vegetarian. Ken thought that every time the menu said "chicken", "eel", "pork", or anything of the sort that it was real meat. Barbie ordered the Sweet and Sour "Chicken". Ken got some other dishes with different forms of fake meat. Barbie and Ken ate and Ken was completely convinced that he was eating real meat! Barbie just laughed to herself. The whole experience was a tasty one for both Barbie and Ken, except for when Barbie accidentally tried some of the red chili sauce. The sauce was so hot that Barbie's plastic mouth almost melted right off her face! Barbie was okay though, and she still hasn't told Ken that all the meat was imitation.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


So today Barbie went to Veg-Fest in Seattle. Ken went fishing with his twin brother, Ben. She arrived at the Seattle Convention Center, where Veg-Fest was being held, at around 11:30 am. Barbie began trying food right away! She tried several different types of cereal, some almond milk, lots of different juices and teas, some vegan caviar that she didn't really care for, and lots of other interesting vegetarian and vegan foods. Barbie really loved the fermented tea, her friends said it tasted like wine, but Barbie just liked the pretty shade of pink and the bubbles.

Barbie also met lots (like four) of her fans! One of her biggest fans was Dave, from "Dave's Killer Bread". Dave was very happy to meet Barbie, he even gave her a kiss! Barbie met other fans of hers too. She didn't sign any autographs though, mainly because her plastic hand is incapable of grasping a pen.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don't worry, Barbie & Ken will return.

Not to fear, Barbie and Ken will be back soon. They plan on going to Veg-Fest this Sunday in Seattle, and then they're off on a two week mission trip to Honduras.

So I will leave you with this fabulous picture of my best friend Sarah and I. Sarah is the friend that is taking Barbra and Kenneth to Honduras. ♥

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Barbie visits Disneyland!

While in California, Barbie went to Disneyland of course!

In case you're wondering, Ken had the stomach flu, so he stayed at the hotel. He was really bummed to miss Disneyland, but the hotel had video games so he seemed sorta OK with that...

Barbie wasn't quite sure how someone made of plastic could even get the stomach flu. (Maybe it was all those meat-burgers - bleh!)
So, Barbie had to ride the hotel's shuttle to get to Disneyland.
She loved the beautiful flowers out front and had to stop for a Kodak moment, just like all the other people...

When she got inside, the park was already pretty crowded, so she went right away to get Fast Passes for all the good rides.
First she went on Splash Mountian.
She got soaked because she was sitting in the front where Ken had told her to sit - but being that she was plastic she dried off quickly.
Her hair didn't even get messed up so she stopped for another photo opportunity!

Her next ride was Thunder Mountian.
Wow, scarey!
It went so fast she was afraid she would fly out of the car, but her friends hung on to her tight and she was fine.
Her hair looked a bit wind blown when she got off, but of course, it went right back into shape.

After Thunder Mountian she got a veggie burger at one of the restaurants. Nice to know even Disneyland has veggie options.
Then she decided to go on a ride that didn't involve mountians.
She chose Ken's favorite, the Indiana Jones ride.

Well, it didn't involve any mountians, just a large rolling rock the size of a mountian! It was also very dark in many parts. Ken would have loved it. .
Barbie was afraid she might get squashed flat, but she was fine and it ended up being her favorite ride! She also loved all the skeletons too, they were huge, but looked so realistic!
After that adventure, Barbie was ready for more mountians. Her next rides were Space Mountian and The Matterhorn!

Barbie liked the The Matterhorn best, but she couldn't even see the top of it, while waiting in line.
She had her friends hold her up so she had a better view. Very cool.

Barbie had a fun and very busy day, but her plastic legs were very tired so she was glad there was a shuttle to carry her back to the hotel.
When she got back, Ken was feeling much better, so Barbie told him all about her adventures and they got Thai take-out for dinner. Ken didn't even complain that it was vegetarian.