Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Barbie visits Disneyland!

While in California, Barbie went to Disneyland of course!

In case you're wondering, Ken had the stomach flu, so he stayed at the hotel. He was really bummed to miss Disneyland, but the hotel had video games so he seemed sorta OK with that...

Barbie wasn't quite sure how someone made of plastic could even get the stomach flu. (Maybe it was all those meat-burgers - bleh!)
So, Barbie had to ride the hotel's shuttle to get to Disneyland.
She loved the beautiful flowers out front and had to stop for a Kodak moment, just like all the other people...

When she got inside, the park was already pretty crowded, so she went right away to get Fast Passes for all the good rides.
First she went on Splash Mountian.
She got soaked because she was sitting in the front where Ken had told her to sit - but being that she was plastic she dried off quickly.
Her hair didn't even get messed up so she stopped for another photo opportunity!

Her next ride was Thunder Mountian.
Wow, scarey!
It went so fast she was afraid she would fly out of the car, but her friends hung on to her tight and she was fine.
Her hair looked a bit wind blown when she got off, but of course, it went right back into shape.

After Thunder Mountian she got a veggie burger at one of the restaurants. Nice to know even Disneyland has veggie options.
Then she decided to go on a ride that didn't involve mountians.
She chose Ken's favorite, the Indiana Jones ride.

Well, it didn't involve any mountians, just a large rolling rock the size of a mountian! It was also very dark in many parts. Ken would have loved it. .
Barbie was afraid she might get squashed flat, but she was fine and it ended up being her favorite ride! She also loved all the skeletons too, they were huge, but looked so realistic!
After that adventure, Barbie was ready for more mountians. Her next rides were Space Mountian and The Matterhorn!

Barbie liked the The Matterhorn best, but she couldn't even see the top of it, while waiting in line.
She had her friends hold her up so she had a better view. Very cool.

Barbie had a fun and very busy day, but her plastic legs were very tired so she was glad there was a shuttle to carry her back to the hotel.
When she got back, Ken was feeling much better, so Barbie told him all about her adventures and they got Thai take-out for dinner. Ken didn't even complain that it was vegetarian.


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