Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Barbie And Ken Go To California!!

For Spring Break this year Barbie thought that she and Ken would go on vacation to California.

Barbie and Ken were both extremely excited; Ken couldn't wait to see the size of the TV in their hotel room, (so he could play video games), but Barbie, on the other hand, was excited to go geocaching, and to Disneyland.

Ken didn't know what geocaching was, he hoped some real, green CASH$$ was involved though. Disneyland sounded fun though. Especially the Indiana Jones ride.

It took them a long time to get there because they drove the whole way. Ken complained that he was bored, so Barbie suggested they play the Alphabet Game, which Barbie won.
Barbie loved the beautiful California scenery, especially palm trees which are her favorite tree.

Ken didn't realize how tall palm trees actually were, and he thought they had coconuts on them and wanted to climb them. Barbie pointed out that not all palm trees had coconuts on them! Ken was disappointed. Barbie was a bit worried about California's smog but Ken said maybe it would blow away in a day or so...

Barbie and Ken finally arrived at their hotel where they got a lovely room with a view. They spent the afternoon walking around the grounds and enjoying the beautiful flowers and weather. So much sunnier than Washington, Barbie couldn't wait to work on her tan!!
Stay tuned for more California adventures!


Candi said...

Oh, glad you and ken are having fun in california!

I loved the China blogs too! Wow, you two get to travel lots! The baby who was adopted is very lucky, as are the new parents. :) Great blog!!