Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Barbie Goes to China! #1

"Nǐ Hǎo" (That means "Hello, How are you?" in Chinese).

OK, so exciting news!!

Barbie's friends were going to China because they were going to adopt a baby.
Barbie thought that sounded like such an exciting adventure!

"Oh, I wish you could just take me along your suitcase!" Barbie said.

Barbie's friends said that could be arranged!
As it worked out, both Barbie AND Ken got invited to go along to China, and they didn't even have to ride in the suitcase!

The seatbelts on the airplane proved to be a bit bulky but overall, it was a nice (but long) flight.

First they stopped in Hong Kong, where of course, Barbie and Ken did some shopping.

Being animal lovers, they got a cute cat statue and a panda!

Ken complained that their souviners were so HUGE!

Ken also found a very fashionable hat in their friends' luggage. He was very proud of it.
Barbie didn't have the heart to tell him it was a BABY SOCK!

While looking for something to eat, Ken spotted a Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Barbie said cruelty to chickens was the same in any country (maybe worse here, who knew?) and he was NOT going to eat there!

Ken really didn't complain, and they found some delicious and vegetarian noodles just around the corner.

Next stop, Barbie and friends arrived in Nanching, where her friends would be adopting their baby.

The hotel in Nanching was very nice.

Ken relaxed and looked at the paper (he couldn't read it, it was in Chinese of course) while Barbie went down to the hotel gift shop.

Barbie returned with a fun hat, and best of all, OREO COOKIES! Score!!
And they had no dairy products in them, just like the ones back home.

Barbie was glad. Ken was just glad to eat something he recognised.
They were going sightseeing and to a park tomorrow, and the next day was Adoption Day.
So exciting!!
Stay Tuned.
~~Posted by Veggie Barbie Girl on TofuMom's computer.