Monday, October 1, 2007

Day Four. Barbie and Ken's Last Day Of Vacation.

It was finally the last day of Ken and Barbie's Canadian adventure.

They took a walk through Beacon Hill park and found a really tall totem pole. The sign read "Tallest Totem Pole in North America".

They could barely see the top of it. Ken wanted to climb it. Barbie said no.

Ken wanted to stop and watch the men playing sports for a while.

Barbie said she thought they were playing cricket but Ken said he didn't see any insects and besides, he'd never heard of cricket so it must not be a sport. He thought it was golf. Barbie just sighed... What WAS she going to do with Ken? Sometimes she wondered if there was ANYTHING in that plastic head of his.

They did a little more last-day shopping and wandered through some shops in Chinatown. Ken took a picture of Barbie in front of the famous "Dragon Gate" but his picture-taking skills aren't that great, you can't really see the dragon. Ken said just use your imagination.

Later they dropped by one last gift shop so Barbie could get her favorite treat, REAL Scottish shortbread. Ken said the cookies were as big as her head.

Right before starting home, they stopped in front of their hotel to take a picture with the hotel mascot, which was a giant bear wearing a kilt.

Ken wanted to climb to the top, and again, Barbie had to tell him no.

Ken, maybe there will be rocks to climb on our next vacation.