Sunday, August 12, 2007

Barbie and Ken go to the Dog Park

Today Barbie and Ken went to the Dog Park with their dog Wilson.

They read the rules carefully to Wilson.

Barbie was a little worried about how BIG some of the dogs were.

It was a nice park with shady trees, grass and dirt and bark-chips and even a "fire-hydrant" water fountain for the dogs...
Since the park was an "off-leash" park, Barbie and Ken sat on a bench in the shade and watched the dogs run and play.
A nice old dog named Abby came and sat beside them.

Wilson was faster than all the other big dogs! It was fun to see him run so fast.

But then Wilson did his doggy "business" and Ken gallantly offered to clean it up.

He had a little difficulty getting the clean-up bags out of the dispenser however, and almost hung himself! Typical guy, he neglected to read the directions.

When Ken was done cleaning up the poo, he threw a giant foam ball for the dogs. It was difficult for him to throw it very far, since it was such a huge ball, but the dogs didn't seem to mind.
Unfortunately, one dog thought that Ken was just another plastic chew toy and chewed on Ken's head instead!!
Poor Ken. Barbie reminded Ken that rule #8 said "Use the park at your own risk." Be careful Ken.

Fortunately, Ken doesn't have much inside his head, it bounced back into shape just fine.
His hairstyle was a little smushed though. He said it didn't even hurt! Barbie thought he was just acting tough...

When it was time to leave they got Wilson some more water; Barbie told Ken he really should wash the dog slobber out of his hair because it was making his hair stick up.
Ken told Barbie his hair looked like that regardless of what he did. Barbie gave up trying to give Ken hairstyle advice.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ken and Barbie Go to a Car Show

Barbie saw her name in the paper today!

She read a movie review about the new "Bratz" movie, . It was saying that the Bratz tried to copy Barbie. Well, Barbie KNEW that.

The review said the Bratz were stupid and materialistic - and that at least Barbie was usually intelligent and had a career and a steady boyfriend and all.

Barbie wasn't sure that was a flattering comparison - and she really didn't like calling anything "stupid" . But she didn't like the Bratz trying to be HER either. They were nothing alike. The nerve!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When she was reading the paper, Ken saw an ad for a Car Show.

That sounded like fun, so they spent the afternoon there.

The car show was really busy when they got there. Ken said he didn't know it was going to be a Monster Car Show.

There were lots of people to talk to, and lots of really cool old cars.

Barbie and Ken had fun taking their pictures beside some of the cars...

Ken liked looking at the really big engines.

Barbie liked the pretty colors, especially the pink 1959 Cadillac. Sadly, she couldn't get close enough to stand beside it for a picture.

Ken was suprised how much Barbie knew about cars. Barbie didn't tell him she mostly just knows stuff about PINK cars...

Barbie was glad they came to the car show instead of the Bratz movie.

The weather was beautiful and it was a nice way to spend a sunny afternoon - even if Ken whined a little about how much walking they had to do.

Barbie let him rest his plastic muscles in the shade every now and then.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Barbie Bakes


Barbie was in the mood to make cookies today. Even though she's not vegan, she decided to it would be fun to try making a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe that she'd got from a friend.

She even found a brand of chocolate chips without any milk ingredients in them. She was excited.

Ken was skeptical. He thought vegan cookies sounded way too healthy and not much fun at all. Barbie kicked him out of the kitchen.

Barbie measured everything carefully. She didn't want to fall in the mixing bowl.

Some of the items were pretty large, she could have used Ken's help but he was off pouting, and playing video games.

Taking the cookies out of the oven was tricky. Barbie almost melted her arm!

They turned out perfect!

Barbie and Ken had cookies and (soy) milk for snack.

Ken said the cookies were the best vegan cookies he'd ever had and he couldn't even taste the granola and twigs.

Barbie pointed out that he had never HAD vegan cookies, and there was no granola or twigs in these cookies. Ken said they were still good.

Barbie didn't tell him the cookies had flax seed.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Barbie Goes to Taco Bell.

Ken has been wanting some junky fast-food lately, so this afternoon they were running late, so Barbie suggested they stop at Taco Bell.

Ken was surprised.

He said he thought vegetarians couldn't eat fast food.

Barbie said even vegetarians eat junk food sometimes and usually you could find plenty of vegetarian stuff at Taco Bell.

She's heard the sour cream has gelatin in it though, so she doesn't order that.

Barbie ordered two bean burritos.
Ken ordered three huge meaty, cheesy things. And a gigantic soda.

Barbie said the soda was bigger than his head - she said he could SWIM in it!

Ken, of course, said she was exaggerating.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Barbie Can't Blog

Well, Barbie has been busy and she has some new adventures she needs to Blog about...

......but finding time to use the computer has been difficult.....

Stay tuned.